<h2>Orthodontic Specialist </h2><p>Dr Anastasios Rammos, Paleo Faliro Attica</p> <h2>Orthodontic Specialist </h2><p>Dr Anastasios Rammos, Paleo Faliro Attica</p> <h2>Orthodontic Specialist</h2><p>Dr Anastasios Rammos, Paleo Faliro Attica</p>
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Orthodontic Specialist | Anastasios Rammos

Paleo Faliro Attica


Dr. Anastasios Rammos has been a graduate in dentistry since 1989, he has specialized in orthodontics at the Duchateaux Clinic in Brest.

Since 1991 he has maintained a private practice in Paleo Faliro, Attica, providing specialized dental services with responsibility, consistency and professionalism at very affordable prices and always using branded and certified materials.
At the same time he was working:
  • 10 years at the Agricultural Bank Fund
  • 12 years at EDOEAP
  • 3 years in the Law firm
The Dentist and Special Orthodontist Rammos Anastasios has attended numerous conferences in Greece and abroad and is a member of many associations such as:
// World Federation of Orthodontics (WFO)
// European Orthodontic Society (E.O.S.)
// Company of Maxillofacial Study and Research
// Orthodontic company of Northern Greece
// Orthodontic Association of Piraeus
// Orthodontic Company of Greece
// Orthognathic Company of Greece
// Professional Orthodontists in Greece 
With many years of professional experience in various fields, he offers services in his modern office on 35 Ag. Alexandrou Street in Palio Faliro, specializing in aesthetic orthodontics with aligners.