<h2>Orthodontic Specialist </h2><p>Dr Anastasios Rammos, Paleo Faliro Attica</p> <h2>Orthodontic Specialist </h2><p>Dr Anastasios Rammos, Paleo Faliro Attica</p> <h2>Orthodontic Specialist</h2><p>Dr Anastasios Rammos, Paleo Faliro Attica</p>
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Orthodontic Specialist | Anastasios Rammos

Paleo Faliro Attica


The braces are an orthodontic agent used to align the crooked teeth. They are placed on the surface of the teeth and joined with some special wire that the doctor tightens them each time to restore the teeth to their correct position.
The Orthodontic Specialist Anastasios Rammos discusses and decides with each patient the problem and the therapeutic options, as well as all the parameters on which depends the desired effect of a healthy smile.
The most common choices in aesthetic orthodontic treatments with braces are:
Metal braces
These are the traditional metal brackets with wire ropes. Their present form has nothing to do with the old ones, as they are now smaller and more discreet. This method is the most economical choice that exists today.
Ceramic braces
They have the same shape and size as the metal ones, but they are in the same color as the teeth. This choice is clearly more discreet and has quick results. Their cleaning requirements are slightly higher than in metal.


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