<h2>Orthodontic Specialist </h2><p>Dr Anastasios Rammos, Paleo Faliro Attica</p> <h2>Orthodontic Specialist </h2><p>Dr Anastasios Rammos, Paleo Faliro Attica</p> <h2>Orthodontic Specialist</h2><p>Dr Anastasios Rammos, Paleo Faliro Attica</p>
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Orthodontic Specialist | Anastasios Rammos

Paleo Faliro Attica


Invisible Orthodontics is called the process of restoring orthodontic irregularities by using thin transparent aligners, which is applied on a case-by-case basis and with a high success rate by the Orthodontic Specialist Anastasios Rammos. The splints are placed consecutively in the mouth and progressively move the teeth to the desired position. They are manufactured by using high technology and computer software.

The benefits of this choice are that nobody will understand their application, they do not injure the gums and lips, they can be easily removed and there is no need for anything special about the oral hygiene, since the care of the teeth is done in the same way as till now. The adjustment period for patients is only 2-3 days after their application.
This method is usually preferred by adults due to their discreet existence. This method cannot be applied to all orthodontic issues.

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